Alice Ballard’s Ceramic Pods


Alice Ballard is another one of my favourite Ceramicists. She describes her artistic process as a ‘Zen-like connection not unlike a meditation’. We seem to share a love and appreciation for natural forms, particularly pods. I’m not sure why it is exactly that I’m so drawn to pods and seeds, perhaps it’s the tiny scale and detail of them. I love collections too, so of course I’m excited by the idea of making a series of something that can be varied endlessly. Her use of colour an pattern work so well.

“My art is a reflection of my relationship with natural forms. To be more specific, it is often the metamorphosis of Nature’s forms, as they change from season to season, that attracts me.”

20c73532869b88bae147d21764d8c0fe  9561d09950369aea88d1178d3b6e16c8 94786ddad5cafc12b17c8ca84af70a77 ad673902aabe3ef64f7e84a77e5e3ee1 b523116bcf393263fa1b72dc32bcfaf31bb2c570c58cba192eb6c6869c542e15


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