Kate Malone Ceramics.


Kate Malone’s appreciation for natural forms and her use of brightly coloured glazes make her one of my favorite ceramicists. Her work is strongly sculptural and drawn from nature, celebrating fecundity.  The repetitive, compact structure combined with the use of vibrant, beautiful colours gives her work a tactile element and a strong visual impact.

In my NML project, I produced a series of designs that involved a spiraling handle and immediately thought of her jugs and teapots. I quite like how the handle has such a huge aesthetic impact and is a main part of the design. More recently in my self directed project, I’m choosing to look at growth and natural forms – I always find myself coming back to her work for inspiration!

Blackberry Teapot, Kate Malone.



Pumpkin Kate Malone.

Pumpkin adaptation

Pumpkin by Kate Malone


Above is probably my favourite work by Malone. Such a beautiful vase. I love art that functions and I wont deny my love for things pink and shiny. It almost looks edible!

Kate Malone

Kate Malone Lady gourd

Kate Malone


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