Mixed Media / Sculpture

Fairy Sculptures by Samantha Bryan

Samantha Bryan - Brain’s Aerodynamic Flight Helmet for fairies

Above: Brain’s Aerodynamic Flight Helmet for fairies

Samantha Bryan makes these lovely wire and mixed media sculptures. The quirky style of her work reminds me of the sort of wonderfully strange and elaborate illustrations you would find in a children’s book, which I feel gives her work an element of nostalgia. It is obvious that narrative is important to her; her earlier work came with explanations of what the fairies were doing (for example, learning to fly), as well as her fascination with Victorian and Edwardian inventions as her fairies are often trying to use these unusual metal contraptions. I’ve always loved cute little things like these!


Above: Brain’s Thermal Headwear for fairies


Above: Brain’s Fairy Dust Identification Apparatus


Above: Brain’s Fairy Flight Helmet with inbuilt Warning Horn


Above: High Altitude Apparatus


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