Jewellery. / Wearable Sculpture.

Beautiful Knitted Nylon Jewellery by Nora Fok

Nora Fok's Jewellery/Body Adornment.

Nora Fok is a jewellery artist I have always admired since I was first introduced to her work. She uses nylon fishing line to produce her complex structured, knitted jewellery. She claims to love this ‘special’ tactile material because of the warm feel of it on the skin, she finds it new and exciting ( it was only made in 1935), and because of its nature it’s relatively easily to produce natural, organic shapes and takes well to dyes. The results are extraordinarily delicate, almost cloud-like in their weightless appearance; certainly worth the time and effort. Of course she takes her inspiration from nature – as do most of the artists featured on my blog as this is usually what draws me to their work. She studies the surface patterns of plants and dissects them, studying their underlying geometric and mathematical structures. She pushes the boundaries of jewellery into wearable art and sculpture, using only simple tools and hand processes, which is something that makes me appreciate her work even more.

Bubble Bath Finished Piece nf_cherries The spirit of aqualegia 2004


Wearable Dandelions

Wearable Dandelions


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