‘Sea Jellies’ by Metal-worker Arline Fisch


Arline Fisch is an American artist who works with metal. She is the creator of this interesting exhibition that was held at the Monterey Museum of Art that features over one hundred suspended, illuminated jellyfish made from crochetted stainless steel, nickel and copper. I’ve always loved jellyfish; their movement, their texture and their form has fascinated me from the first time I saw them on a school trip to the zoo when I was a child. I love how she has managed to take something so soft and weightless and managed to achieve this characteristic, the essence of the sea creature by knitting hard, metallic materials. Of course I love the colours of them too.Β She produces jewellery in the same way but her jewellery pieces don’t wow me quite as much.


slide_234166_1125650_large slide_234166_1125649_large


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