Elsa Mora’s Delicate Paper Art

Elsa Mora's Delicate Paper Art

Elsa Mora is a multidisciplinary artist, but I’d like to focus on her paper cuts. The detail and delicacy of her work makes it so beautiful and interesting. Her ‘about me’ page on one of her blogs, found here, is so cutely illustrated and tells such a lovely, inspiring story, causing you to love her even more.

At the very beginning of the Self Portrait project I was told to bring five possessions to the design sessions. They reflect myself; painting a picture of my interests, sentiments and styles of interest. Looking at them objectively, I observed a developing theme of old looking objects, nature – woods, trees, and woodland creatures coming to life. One of my items was a vintage powder puff that had previously belonged to my Grandmother before she passed away in 2009. The perfect lace detail made me think of the intricacy of Elsa Mora’s work. This project is in textiles and I am to produce a series of collages portraying myself, so her work is ideal for me to look at when experimenting with layers and materials.

138fcf8716c9713b6309d26133138b5b 74bb4991b464ba4dfe60f57dfa473d26 7814fd706aaec54470fa0e895f6efb34 Papercutting bc505e3e09147d19073f5cdc06cd0c57

(Above) Por Dentro
This is about introspection and emotional growth; the importance of looking inside ourselves and taking care of our ‘inner garden’ in order to develop our inner world.


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