Whimsical Illustrations by Yee Von Chan

Whimsical Illustrations by Yee Von Chan

Yee Von Chan is an illustrator based in Malaysia. In case you haven’t read on previous posts, I just love cute things like this. I love the personification of animals, particularly woodland creatures, whether that’s in narrative; stories of them communicating in the same way humans do and working together to achieve something good, or simply animals wearing pretty hats and having a tea party. Anything like this takes me back to my childhood, giving me that warm and happy sense of nostalgia; it is something I will always appreciate.

One of my possessions I am using for inspiration to create a series of collages for the Self Portrait project is an old, tiny picture frame featuring two little teddy bears in frilly dresses and big hats reading books together. Another was a little bonsai tree I purchased as a souvenir from a natural history museum in Washington when visiting family, and a third item was an original Enid Blyton book from The Faraway Tree series – so immediately a theme is forming. Obviously I like the contents of her illustration, but the mark making is something I can look at when working with ink myself.

Images taken from
Check out her portfolio! So sweet.

Happy Fox & Skunk 484c6b2167c0f8f8301d914ffaecd0f6 Hello There, Love Love is in the Air My Sweet Sweet Nut


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