‘Cosmic Surgery’, Origami Portraits by Almer Haser

Origami Portraits by Almer Haser

Talented photographer Almer Haser produced this unusual series of portraits called Cosmic Surgery, where she has photographed the subject, printed multiple copies of their face prior to folding them into complex origami structures, placing these structures back onto the original face of the portrait and rephotographing. By defacing the portraits she is able to transform and manipulate them into her own creations. Some articles I have read have said that the name was a result of her dyslexia; originally wanting the series to be called ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ She decided to keep the name after realising her modified portraits looked alien in aesthetic.

 “They corrected me but we all liked the name. And it made sense, because the people look like they’re from some new, future generation.”

I’m not sure why I love these as much as I do – I think that’s what is intended by the photographs; it’s so unsettling. The style and beauty of the subjects coming through despite appearing somewhat alien confuses you and how you should feel. And there’s something especially creepy about children with manipulated faces!

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