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‘Magic Worlds’ at the World Museum, Liverpool

Lord of the Rings display

Lord of the Rings display

The family friendly Magic Worlds exhibition takes you through the fantasy realms of well-known, celebrated stories and fairy tales. It is so very well thought out; from the creative and genius use of space to the audio and interactive elements included in the exhibition, enchanting and engaging visitors of all ages. Each story, or subject has its own distinctive space; you can step into the wardrobe and find yourself in Narnia, crawl into a tiny tea party and sip tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter, located opposite a ginger bread house where inside you’ll find Hansel and Gretel. The scenery is fantastic; the dim lighting and tree cut-outs combined with the sound an owls call and leaves rustling in the wind all contribute to a wonderfully magical experience at the World Museum.

Magic worlds manages to find a balance in who the exhibition can appeal to; while the little ones are free to dress up and cast a spell from the witches cauldron (I say little ones – obviously I had to try the hats on too), there are hundreds of fascinating items being displayed for the more mature viewers to gaze upon, from Harry Potter wands to beautiful felt toys of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs made in the 1940s. It really is an excellent exhibition for both children and for adults, longing for that wonderful sense of nostalgia.

Here are some pictures of me and my favourite friend Jessica having probably a bit too much fun for two twenty year olds to have at a family exibition!

Cinderella Puppets.

Cinderella Puppets.

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Jessica trying on the witches hat! We think my bag makes her look like Boggart Snape.

Jessica trying on the witches hat! We think my bag makes her look like Boggart Snape.


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