Karen Millar’s Beautiful Ceramic Pods

I’ve found myself coming back to these ceramic pods in my recent self directed project as I find the organic forms and natural textures Karen Millar has created especially inspiring when looking at growth and nature.
SODA20100913_7897“I make work that explores polarity – the relationship between growth and decay, loss and hope, soft and hard, vulnerable and defensive, light and dark, interior and exterior. Organic forms inspire me and are often central to my work. There is inherent beauty in the cycle of decay and death, growth and renewal. That they can exist at the same time and in the same being surprises and intrigues me. This paradox gives me a reason to examine and enjoy the detail in nature; not just the obviously attractive parts but also the protective elements, the clumps of thorns, hard husks and barbed appendages.” – Karen Millar, taken from the bio of her website.


Karen Millar by vickigrima, via Flickr

Urchin Lights

Urchin Lights


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