Michelle Summers’ Ceramics

Michelle Summer's Ceramics

I am so in love with Michelle Summers’ beautiful ceramics!

I’ve had my fun with a project in metal and ceramics but now the dreaded rotation is due; back to holding my head in my hands having lost the will to live in the textiles studio. What’s interesting about Summers’ work is that it’s the print that draws me to them, which is unusual because I tend to be drawn to form, sculpture, shapes and structure. I like repetitive, complex structures with an element of delicacy, mostly natural forms which is apparent in my previous posts. I know full well I’m absolutely dreadful at textiles but I’m set on making the most out of the opportunity to experiment – who knows? I may wish to incorporate fabrics into a piece later on. Perhaps I can look at prints and patterns and embrace my inner fine-artist…

7051696931 ce65d97506 c Michelle Summers Ceramics.geodeplate1thumb Michelle Summers Ceramics.5291911791 eed3f3c1ef b1 Michelle Summers Ceramics.

7051697763 a812a4f4fa c Michelle Summers Ceramics.

Michelle Summers

mixing bowl, by Michelle Summers, via Flickr.

Michelle Summers

Michelle Summers - pottery - painterly - inspiration

Ceramics by Michelle Summers.

michelle summers pottery


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