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Figurative Paintings by Simon Birch

Simon Birch is a UK born painter and multimedia artist living and working in Hong Kong. I am looking at his large scale figurative oil on canvas paintings in particular now I’m starting a new project that’s based on the human body. Evidently it’s a lot easier to find figurative paintings I like than sculptures considering I have very little interest in anything neoclassical – art that’s too realistic just creeps me out a little. I have limited appreciation for the male form (I think Andrew Salgado is about the only artist who can make the male body seem attractive to me) so his use of the female form, the beautiful colours and suggestion of movement is just everything I love.
View his fantastic work on his website here.

Figurative Paintings by Simon Birch3b0049828da25f0d0587ffaadfb4c36f 6b1ccfa75fbfb766770a6facee3bee3a 18b67111330d98d5d51fdd0036e353a3 47fec961f7167d532212ee7dc9a337e2 cb4145ac8938df55d9a5249f87d2c069 ea96e94c48f832bb31cb8a489dc7597a

Spinal Mount Starcracker (2009) ~ Simon Birch []


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