Paintings and Fine-Art.

Charlotte Caron “Portraits”.

I love this series of portraits by artist Charlotte Caron and the idea of painting over photographs. About to start a project on the human body, I’m looking at different ways to use human form in art and manipulate their form into my own creations. Relevant at a stretch – obviously I would look at the body rather than portraits, but still so inspiring!

“We are both tempted by the humanization of animals, which often reveals our fantasy projections and the bestial men, another way for us to freeze the other in a animality”
Antoine Spire

“This series of paintings, photographs, tries to give an answer to a form of duality – that assumes an animal part -. By the medium of painting in addition, flow, mask, portraitย to ultimately create an osmosis between the two mediums, so between the animal and the portrait.” – Taken from her website.



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