Textiles/Fibres / Wearable Sculpture.

Rowan Mersh

c00d8b153e8b106204286eb21ad947abBack to posting about artists and designers that are currently more relevant to me; I go back to uni on Tuesday and desperately need to find things (anything!) relevant to my new project Body Extensions. Knowing I have to complete this project in textiles and digital design has meant I’ve mentally prepared myself for a grim few weeks, but having come across Rowan Mersh’s textile sculptures I have found myself feeling a little more hopeful about the project. I think the reason I despise textiles is the flatness of it (that and the fact I hate fashion and cant fold a piece of paper straight, let alone use a sewing machine); I like form and structure, so if I can find ways to create a three dimensional, repetitive structures with fabrics this project might not actually be too horrific.
Rowan Mersh is a multimedia sculptor, mostly known for his textiles work. I’m no fan of fashion, so his way of playing with the boundaries of fashion, jewellery and sculpture is likely what draws me to his work. The black and white photographs are especially wonderful; where all the focus is on the texture. View his website here.

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