Bert Myer’s Shell X-Rays


When given a brief with the title Body Extensions ones mind automatically goes to fashion, jewellery or some kind of body adornment. Of course this can be virtually anything that takes the body into consideration, from furniture to cutlery, but I as my recent posts suggest I chose to look at wearable sculpture. While they’re inspiring I found it hard to escape the fact I just don’t care about fashion, and to make a wearable sculptural piece I’d need to establish a theme and draw my inspiration from somewhere, so instead of going crazy trying to think of something strictly relevant to the brief I thought to go back to what inspires me most and looked at nature. One of the key words I was given to think about was protect, so I decided to look at how animals can protect their bodies and natural defense mechanisms. The outcome was a study of shells, which means I have adapted the project to interest me, enabling myself to look at natural forms and spirals (which I just love for some reason).

These are beautiful x-ray images of shells produced by retired doctor, Bert Myers. There’s just something so calming about these images; the stillness and soft lines are just stunning, and help us to appreciate the wonderful structure and forms of nature – which certainly comes in handy for me in this project.

Bert Myer's Shell X-Rays 8b9897ee00c5864ebc554a92bc64adb3 18a0ebfb536f124e8f6304a12cb3a0c6 424601b8e3bb5ae6041380b6e0ad3273 qwertyui Untitled


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