Kris Tate: Whimsy, Neon & Geometry


I’m not especially fond of neon colours but combined with bold geometric print and the dramatic contrast of whimsical themes I’m loving Kris Tate’s prints! A mix of photographs, graphics and hand-painted collages, these collages are something really beautiful.754d755d0e390ce6318a0a176af728d9 kris-tate-experimental-geometric-artist-00 25ca005f2856670221806991ce9fb1f5 (1)

kris-tate-experimental-geometric-artist-05 7c3d86fadb9dae51343685395575303e 64641f1f8c808c4a2546a3d0fd3f3c2c 8512426ee4a2e82910529f374d91cc4e b790165f7b75194d44ee3dd7c45e3c2a


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