Liekeland Illustration

Liekeland Illustration

Lieke van der Vorst (I’m guessing that’s a Dutch name?) founded the label Liekeland in 2011. I adore the style and magical quality of her illustrations; anything involving the personification of animals makes me happy and think back to my childhood and of stories told by my grandmother. The calming colours and the level of detail found in specific figures contrasting with other areas of simplicity make her work really stand out from other similar illustrations, and her consideration for the environment is something I find extremely admirable. She claims to attach great importance to sustainability and prints all of her products on ecologically sustainable paper.
View her website here.
Postkaart_muziek31 Kerstkaart_Liekeland_2013_web5 Illustratie_voor_Maud_2_web1 Hippo_LiekevanderVorst_Liekeland_web1 f2814b2307a26e2462152104f86516e3 a8140ba76185c55998948316c0a3b3bb 508c54517553a7ad6146ae2633da0de3 58d5fecb042ea3f43b9e3f9727e27658 35d31f9ce279afd39b64f09b7a7d7fd6 3f1c9107e6f04ddf6bf5690cce5c884b 6318c55ea301164c16dcc8095481dfb3


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