Lighting Design

Lighting by Tord Boontje

Tord Bootje is a Dutch-born, London based product designer. I was introduced to his work during my first year of college. I feel the inspiration I took from his work hugely contributed to finding my passion for design – I was actually hugely influenced by him when creating my light piece for my Final Major Project, for which I was awarded the Randolph Caldecott Society Award and WCC Design Student of the Year He produces some of my favourite lighting designs of all time, including the Garland light! I just love the way he makes metal appear so weightless and delicate, and his consideration of shadow and light patterns is something I really appreciate in lighting design.52b9950da793a445bbe829179a936e2b

Garland, Silver
Tord Boontje's Lighting.

Garland, Silver, Detail.


Garland, Gold.

The garland The Garland Light is a long metal garland of flowers that can be wrapped around a light bulb.


Midsummer, Paper Lightshade.


Midsummer, Detail.


Midsummer, paper lightshade, colour fading.


Midsummer lights in a Boontje display.

“I love paper, it’s such a simple material. Usually paper lamps are glued together; gluing is a messy, tedious job that’s done by hand.  In my lamp, there is no gluing at all, only cutting but the results look handmade, and I really like that confusing part.” – Tord Boontje regarding Midsummer.


Tangle Globes


Tangle Globe



E025_SHADOW_LR_jpg_968x1200_q85“Shadow Light is a magical carousel of colour, light and dreamlike imagery. The light brings the walls alive projecting soft and delicate shadowed images onto them, creating a serene and mesmerising effect.”


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