Lighting Design / Product Design

Aust & Amelung Design.

Aust & Amelung Design.Design studio aust & amelung, based in Kassel, Germany, creates and develops furniture, interiors and exhibition architecture. I lovelovelove their use of colour and line, and their ability to combine simplicity with playfulness in their designs. I’ve selected my favourites!

a floor lamp
‘a floor lamp’ is based on the simple mechanism of a beam balance.
A long beam cranes across the room and balances a lampshade on one side against a sandbag on the other. The sandbag can be moved manually into four positions weighing in different lighting situations.”
like paper
“What seems to be folded paper, is made out of slewed concrete. The lamps of the ‘like paper‘-series are an image of what we expect to be a paper-folded lampshade. Although the manufacturing folows certain paper paterns, the completed shades develop individuality through own edges, kinks and creases. Through this each object is unique. The lamp series ‘like paper‘ results and exists through distortion. While some lamps shine downwards by dangling from the ceiling, others lay exhausted on the table, the cabinet or the floor and gleam diffused in strange directions. Again others remain as table lamps without referring to any constructive support. ‘like paper‘ is not only placed in a room to illuminate it, but to stage it.”
Vase & Leuchte



a bookshelf


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