Ceramics. / Sculpture

Jessica Stoller Ceramics


Jessica Stoller‘s work first caught my eye when I came across the hooded bust (above) with the floral detail, as I have been looking at three dimensional floral effects in ceramics for inspiration for my latest project Back to the Future. I researched further into her work and realised her other ceramic pieces use 18th century French aesthetics – which is what I’m basing this project on! These pieces of feminist art aim to highlight the objectification of women, blending the distinction between consumable objects and the female body. Personally I have a tendency to prefer more abstract art with a nature influenced aesthetic than figurative pieces but these are oddly fascinating. The visually pleasing, pretty bubblegum colours contrast with the grotesque qualities of the surreal sculptures and evoke quite a confusing range of emotions.

stollerceramics7 stollerceramics4 stollerceramics8 stollerceramics


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