Jewellery. / Metal

Zoe Watts: Silversmith and Jeweller

330193_606423339369589_800835482_oHaving spent a great deal of time contemplating dropping metal to specialise in ceramics, I have decided to complete a final project in metal and consider my options again at the start of my final year at university. I am basing my self-directed project on growth and the forest floor, so I am looking particularly at designers who produce work with an organic aesthetic. I find this particularly difficult to achieve in the metal workshop, as creating smooth curves and flowing lines with a hard material requires a lot more time and effort (as opposed to clay). A designer that I have come across is Zoe Watts, who’s work I appreciate for its detail and its three dimensional, textural quality. I think I’d like to look at raising and chasing metal, creating vessels for this project. View more of her fabulous work here
425783_367367446608514_1188496591_n 16536_637601336251789_670202628_n


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