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NML Project 2015: Floral Jug

Just before glazing.

Painting the underglaze.

I’m about to have my very first exhibition as my most recent ceramic work was one of eight selected to be exhibited in The Waker Art Gallery this year! I was presented with a range of artefacts coming under set categories ‘status’, ‘commemoration and remembrance’, and ‘communication’, and was asked to explore these themes. As a designer I’m drawn to form and detail, so when viewing the artefacts I looked at them objectively as opposed to conceptually. Initially I was drawn to these shoe buckles decorated with paste, giving them a more expensive aesthetic. This led me to look at faceted forms and light reflection; I looked at crystals, rocks and geodes. I dropped this idea after a few weeks and looked back to the artefacts for a new project idea, focusing on the elaborate decorative qualities of the objects that came under the category ‘status’.  Particularly drawn to a copper coffeepot that imitated silver to look more expensive, and these fascinating 18th century shoes, I decided to study 18th century design, ranging from fashion and print to Rococo architecture (particularly French).

For my ceramic work, I focused on the spiraling curves, asymmetry and nature influenced motifs in French rococo design. My early designs were a series of teacups formed around their spiral handles, but the design developed into a single jug as I thought this would be more ideal giving the time frame, and would have a much better presence in an exhibition space than a single teacup. I spent so much time torn between making this piece brown with blushes of greens and perhaps turquoises – purely due to my own personal preference of earthy coloured ceramics – and white with pastel colours to keep my final outcome more strictly based on the rococo theme. I found that in the time it took for me to decide I actually started to love it as a bisque fired white piece, so I eventually chose to keep it light and use a subtle pink to give it a playful and pretty Mary Antoinette-style aesthetic.

My floral jug, along with several other wonderful works will be exhibited at The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool from March 19 to May 10 2015.


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