Metal / Sculpture

Metal Sculptures by Junko Mori

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Junko Mori is a Japanese-born metalwork artist who creates sculptures reminiscent of natural forms. I’m always drawn to these beautiful sculptures when I visit the Bluecoat in Liverpool. I simply love the repetition in structure; hundreds of individual components joined together to create a larger form. It’s impossible to walk past her work in the little shop and not want to touch and feel them. The smaller scale ones in particular are my favourite.

“No, the work is not really planned or designed so I don’t know what a piece is going to look like before I start work – I don’t have any preconceived ideas about it. For me it’s the process rather than the design that dictates the shape of the finished piece. I like the accidental effect gained by just letting a piece grow by building up the individual components. When I was little I was shown cells dividing under a microscope – both a spooky and a beautiful experience – and the way I work now echoes this feeling of unconscious or uncontrolled growth.”

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