Geoffrey Swindell’s Miniature Ceramics

Having scaled down my own ceramic work I looked at other artists who work in a miniature scale and came across the work of Geoffrey Swindell. There’s something really special about works of this size – perhaps its the collective aspect that appeals to me, as well as the tiny intricate detail. I’d love to continue creating small ceramic works in my final year of university!

Some people say my ceramics are like washed up sea creatures, some still alive, some just remnants turning slowly to dust. Others see unidentified objects from far away galaxy, not sure whether they are organic or constructed, friendly or malevolent. They want to touch and take them home in their pockets like a newly found treasure.

For over forty years I have been compelled to make these curious forms. Usually they are vases but sometimes they become teapots, bowls or jugs and sometimes they don’t have a name. Their creation has given me joy, despair, friends, money and backache. Over forty Museums and Public Collections own them including the Crafts Council and the Victoria and Albert in London.

Taken from his website: http://www.geoffreyswindellceramics.co.uk/


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