Ceramics. / Metal

Contemporary Spoons Inspired by Nature

In my metalwork sessions I have been making a spoon for my self directed project Growth. My designs have mostly focused on organic curves, progressive shapes and twisting forms. I feel the vine-like, leafy detail of my ceramic jug handles are visually similar to the form of my spoon and create a sense of unity between both my material areas. I have thrown together some images of nature-inspired spoons I have found online.

Porcelain Twig Spoon by Michiko Shimada

I found these spoons interesting as it never occurred to me to make my spoons in ceramics. I love the rough, imperfect form of the spoons – so very reminiscent of a twig!


Spoons by Michael Michaud

These spoons by Michael Mahaud have quite a blatant Art Nouveau appearance so very figurative and beautifully elaborate. I’ll definitely research further into his ‘table art’ and give him his own blog post.

Leaf-shaped spoon by Shuhei Senda

This spoon is very different from what I want to produce; it has a far more contemporary aesthetic. I find it really interesting how its clean, almost clinical and modern appearance is influenced by nature.


Spoon, 2013. Silver by Gabi Veit

I love these spoons by Gabi Veit! A far less literal and more playful representation of nature in design.



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