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Growth Project: Metal Final Piece

I have finally finished my spoon for my self directed projectย Growth. I had experimented with different enamels but eventually came to the decision that it was best to leave it in it’s natural copper state; copper tableware is currently quite fashionable and I just think it works with the overall design.

Since I last posted about my metalwork, I have fold formed both of the handle ends into pod and leaf-like forms and filed the spoon bowl into an obcordate leaf-inspired shape. I had originally intended on using granulation inside the pod but I decided the solder would be too messy and was advised against it by my tutor. I’d quite like to try to use granulation on my work by fusing metal as opposed to soldering but I’m not entirely sure if I will continue to specialise in metal next academic year.

I removed any file marks with wet & dry paper and tried to leave the hammer marks from forging as I really like the bark-like texture it has left on the handle. Overall I’m quite pleased with the outcome!

11224879_1621478308110646_7183550527579830514_n 10984235_1621478348110642_5274448585816982963_n


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