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Final Project 2: Budding Floral Forms

My second project for my final year of university revolves around the study of growth and developing my hand-building skills. However instead of focusing on segments and repetition in nature like my first project, I will be looking at the twisting and budding delicate forms of flowers. I have a much more vague idea about what this project will entail, therefore experimentation and design development will be crucial to move forward and produce a series of final designs.

I have chosen to look at the growth of flowers after I was inspired by the baby rose bush I have growing on my window sill in the summer. Interestingly, I was first drawn to the segmented form of the flower bud, but then went on to look at the spiraling, delicate petals and the many different forms of the flower as it gradually opened. I am hoping my work for this project will be quite elegant and calming, contrasting with the intriguing, colourful and tactile miniature pieces of my first project. This is partly to try something different and challenge myself, but also to give my portfolio some diversity; whilst I continue to celebrate natural forms I also want to present different aesthetic possibilities. I am considering using just a white slip and leaving these pieces very clean, free from any ornamentation to encourage a focus on the form alone. However this could change as the course progresses.

I have no certain idea where this project will lead, however I want to challenge my coiling and hand making abilities. It is likely I will produce a series of vessels with different openings reminiscent of floral forms as, at this time, an appreciation of form and learning from experimentation is a higher priority than producing a functioning object. Perhaps I could turn these vessels into functioning vases to make them more marketable, however I do not want this to limit the forms of my designs.

My starting point is an idea of making a vessel out of slabs through curving and folding over the clay. It could perhaps even spiral in the centre and grow outwards. However to make this appear delicate and floral, the clay will need to be very thin, so producing a more complex form with clay varying in thickness will be challenging. This project is much more daunting than the other, however I am really excited to enjoy hand building again!

Initial Drawings


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