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Final Project 1: Segments

For one of my projects in my third and final year of university, I have chosen to further develop some samples I produced in my last project Growth.

collection 2

Growth: Tiny Segments, stoneware. 2015

These hand-built miniature pots were between one and three inches tall. Though they were merely samples made to enable experimentation with form and hand carving, they triggered an interest in miniature ceramics and were also a suitable way to showcase my love for collections – I absolutely love the idea of beginning with a simple form and repeatedly modifying it until you’re left with a series of varying designs, unified through their underlying concept. I enjoy making each individual piece beautiful and unique; the feeling that I am giving each pot its own character gives me a personal connection with the collection pieces and makes them equally important, despite any aesthetic preferences. This gives so much opportunity to play with form, colour and surface pattern and texture.

To develop these forms further I plan to look at:

  • Form – After making some models out of air dry clay I have decided to continue to produce small-scale ceramics. However they shall be bigger than these original samples, as I found the (roughly apple-sized) models had a better visual impact and more of a presence within a space. I will experiment with the flutes/carvings – different quantities, sizes. Flat or dramatic curves? Experiment with the necks, rims etc.
  • Texture – I will study the addition of tiny details to bottle necks – possibly look at sprigging, or simply different techniques to create a surface pattern on clay
  • Colour – I will research different glaze recipes or the use of slips – definitely focusing on more light and contemporary colours. I’m perhaps even considering basic prints I like such as stripes or polka-dots to put a personal twist on the series – or maybe I should stick to looking at patterns found in nature.
  • Production Method – I want to make these pieces more thoughtfully and precisely to give them a more professional appearance, so I have decided to dedicate this project to exploring the use of plaster in ceramics. This is something I have never done before, so I see it an opportunity to utilize my final year and learn something new. I will slip cast some and also press mould so I can coil different necks on top.

These forms were originally inspired by some lovely fucshia flower buds I found in a family friend’s garden. However I will be studying segmented forms in general – particularly those found in fruits and vegetables, but also insects and plants. I aim to finish this year with a colourful collection of no fewer than 12 little pots.

Initial drawings


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