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Practical Progress: Project 1

I have decided to use this blog again as I find it helps to document any progress, and also because I am far more conscious of having days off when I have a blog to update! So, here’s where I am up to with my first project. (click here for information on this project)

I made some models out of air-dry clay, which were slightly larger pots than the samples from last year’s work. I exaggerated the curves and the carvings and despite liking the outcome, I feel my work appears too similar to the work of Kate Malone. I was actually introduced to her work through being told my work was similar to hers (but she’s now one of my favourites!), so I felt that using a form extremely similar to her ceramic pumpkins, despite deriving this shape originally from fuschia flower buds, could have a negative impact on my work’s reception. I would hate for my own work to not be appreciated in its own right! Subsequently I modified the design so that the flutes were flatter and the body was rounder.

I presented these models to my tutor, who had a plaster model turned for me. I then measured its circumference, drew numerous scale drawings and divided the circles into different quantities of sections. Using these drawings and a compass I marked the model, sealing the pencil marks with soap. I built a single segment out of clay, directly onto the model, then removed it and used it to create a sprig mould. From this, I used the sprig mould to sprig each of the segments onto the model. Last session we made spares for this completed model and fingers crossed tomorrow I will actually have a mould cast!


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