I am a BA Design graduate specialising in ceramics, currently based in Liverpool. I started this blog after leaving a course in interior design to share my work and progress on a new course in design and craft. Having recently completed my degree I am now in a weird state of uncertainty regarding how to continue practicing. For the first time I am faced with the daunting prospect of selling my work and funding my passion for design!

I draw my inspiration from natural forms and generally produce stoneware collections. As a designer I love beginning with a simple form and repeatedly modifying it until I am left with a series of varying designs, unified through their underlying concept. I enjoy making each individual piece beautiful and unique; the feeling that I am giving each work its own character gives me a personal connection with the collection and validates each piece equally, despite any aesthetic preferences. In a world cluttered with impersonal mass-produced objects, I like to think of my work as a celebration of hand-crafted, beautiful design that objects to our throw-away culture.

I write mostly about the wonderful designers and artists I have come across throughout my studies but hopefully, eventually, I will be able to update you on my own work and future projects!


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